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Fight Sports: The Falls

FightSports the Falls wrestling program is dedicated to providing athletes ages 5 and up of any skill level the tools they need to conquer their goals, whether they be as a recreational wrestler or those preparing for competitive and/or professional level activities from junior high, high school, and even college teams. The program, regardless of the ultimate goal, is sure to bring out the full potential of each athlete, creating more opportunities for them to strengthen their wrestling technique.Our program consists of technical drilling sessions, focused on specific takedowns and fluid movements, as well as live wrestling sessions,in a variety of wrestling styles(greco, freestyle, and folk wrestling) all of which are conducted in a highly intensive, positive atmosphere. Each practice will be highly structured, and well organized. A great class for jiujitsu and no-gi competitors to sharpen up their takedowns skills for competition.


The modern sportive form of wrestling, an individual weaponless combat activity probably developed in prehistory from survival fighting, when it became convenient to replace death or serious injury with more symbolic victory. There is considerable evidence that wrestling existed in all early civilization, although it was in ancient Greece that it really developed into a sport, and was included in the olympic Games in 704 bc.

Wrestling Styles can also be categorized according to five basic criteria required for a win. Break- stance invloves forcing an opponent to relinquish a position; toppling involves forcing an opponent to touch the ground with a part of the body apart from the feet; touch-fall involves forcing an opponent into a specifief position, usually supine, for a brief period; pin- fall involves holding an opponent, once thrown, in a specified position for a certain period of time; and submission involves forcing an opponent to admit defeat.

There are only three styles of wrestling recognized. Both freestyle and Graeco- Roman wrestling, which are the only styles fought in the Olympic Games, are loose styles requiring a touch- fall for victory. They differ in that the former allows any fair hold, throw, or trip, whereas the latter does not permit wrestlers to hold below the hips, nor to grip with the legs. There are ten weight divisions in both styles for international competition; light flyweight, flyweight, bantamweight, feather weight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight, and super heavyweight. The third stye recognized is Folk style which the FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) and youth competitions recognized.