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Fight Sports: The Falls

FightSports Little Warriors Program Classes are divided by age and belt level.


3-5 years old

6-8 years old

9-13 years old

Little Warriors Competition Team

The FightSports Little Warriors Program offers your child the opportunity to not only learn the most effective form of martial arts in the world, but also allows them to build confidence, focus and discipline, raising their self esteem, as well as creating an awareness of the those around them. The Program’s fun and interactive exercise routines also promote your child’s physical well being by increasing their strength, flexibility and agility, while emphasizing the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Our Little Warriors Program is dedicated to not only teaching the art of jiu jitsu, but also to create a safe, family-style atmosphere where children can grow and develop into positive, confident, well rounded individuals that will have a powerful impact in the world around them both today and in the future.