Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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History of BJJ

Born in India as a form of self- defense , Jiu-Jitsu was developed as a technique based on the principles of balance and joint system of the body. In Brazil, the fighting system was improved, making the country the world center of this sport, which summarizes its technical aspects,by using leverage and proper technique in joint- locks and chokeholds, to prove the dominance of technique over strength.

Day by day Brazilian JIu-Jitsu attracts new practitioners, and becomes a lifestyle t the ones who, in search conditioning and self- defense, find in the sport, a therapy; and in their mat mate, a second family.

Many, who are wiling to start processing a martial art, are also in doubt of what to choose among so many choices, and sometimes think that Jiu-JItsu, has a certain taboo that only the ones “in shape” can train.

This is not true. JIu-Jitsu, which means gentle art, is considered the most complete martial art, and leads the practitioner to obtain physical and psychological benefits, through ancient knowledge, from the east. Like other sports, Jiu-JItsu, reduces tress and anxiety, boatels emboldens the shy ones and increase self- esteem, while working the entire body and contribute to weight loss.

The Sport requires concentration and promotes quick responses to the opponent’s body, develops emotional control and improves the reflexes. It is also define as a chess played with the body, where well- formulated rules preserve the physical integrity of practitioners.

As an aerobic activity, it boosts the metabolism and improves cardiovascular and respiratory capacity; and as a martial art, develops motor skills and reflexes. there is no restriction on the practice, active men and women of any age can practice the gentle art, that is also a great option to those seeking to lose weight and improve muscle mass, since it is possible to eliminate anywhere from 750- 1500 calories in one class.